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Tree Work () · Marlow Boa Prusik Sling Loop 9mm · Texora Compact Round Sling · Lyon Webbing Sling - 18mm · Treehog Throw Bag · Lyon Webbing Sling - 25mm. Harness: We recommend only those designed specifically for tree work. · Flipline/Lanyard/Polestrap · Flipline/Lanyard Adjuster · Climbing Rope · Prusik · Carabiners. Tree Climbing Equipment · Arbortec AT Mamba Gear Bag Blue · DMM Accessory Cord 8mm – Green · Marlow Boa 9mm Friction Rope Per Metre · Treehog TH Endless.

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There are several different pieces of equipment involved in tree climbing, the majority of which are used to help create a safer experience for the climber. Find the best assortment of tree climbing and rigging gear available online for professional tree climbing, kids tree climbing, or recreational tree. Climbing rope · Climbing gear · Harnesses and saddles · Safety lanyards · Spikes, spurs and pads · Split tails and eye slings · Rigging equipment · Arborist Tools and.

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Where to Buy Tree Climbing Gear · American Arborists Supplies · Arbsession · Baileys · Bartlett Arborist Supply · Climbing Innovations · Gap Arborist Supply · New. Tree Climbing Equipment · petzl left hand ascender · Petzl · Previous. Tree climbing equipment recommendations by it is inexpensive in comparison to other gear bags of a similar size, and this bag has.